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Video: Feeley's chip shop goes viral after an unusual order for cold and flu tablets

A chip shop in Belfast has went viral after receiving an online order for cold and flu tablets.

The order read: “Will you please stop in the spar on the way and get me benylin cold and flu tablets and I’ll give you the money, only ordering food so I can get the tablets I’m dying sick xx “

Feeley’s on Shaw’s Road, Belfast, are used to getting orders for fish and chips, but this is a first for the store.

Alan Feeley, manager at Feeley’s chip shop said: “I thought nothing of it at the time, I just asked one the girls would they go next door and get the benylin cold and flu tablets which she did.”

Mr Feeley cannot get over the attention since posting the order on Facebook on Friday December 30 . He said: “I think it is absolutely crazy.”

The post has attracted more than 13,000 likes and has had over 1,500 comments on the Facebook page.

Feeley’s have offered to give the woman a free meal when she feels better. She replied: "Ahahaha Yous are real angels will do xx."

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