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Video: Fiancee defends Co Down teenager who tried to film her mother in bath

The fiancee of a teenager who was convicted of trying to secretly record his future mother in law taking a bath has insisted she's standing by her man.

Nicole Mageean (20) from Portaferry told the Belfast Telegraph there is no doubt that she still intends to marry Thomas Edgar (19) and believes he had only intended to record her, something she says she would have consented to.

On Thursday Edgar walked free from Newtownard's Magistrates' Court with a two year probation and was ordered to sign the sex offenders' register for five years.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph yesterday at the Edgar family home, Nicole spoke up for her partner.

Thomas Edgar was also at home, but refused to take part in the interview.

"If he was a bad a person I wouldn't be with him or engaged. I was there the night everything happened so I know," said Nicole.

"The night everything kicked off mum just came into me and just told me, brought me down to the bedroom with Thomas sitting on the bed and he was near enough in tears."

"He told me that he 'tried to do something stupid'."

She said that the couple had consented to film each other in private before.

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