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Video: Finance minister Arlene Foster announces extra £48m for Northern Ireland health service

Finance Minister Arlene Foster announced that the Northern Ireland health service is to receive an extra £48 million.

Stormont’s Finance Minister said: “Today (Wednesday) is a good news day. We all know what the waiitng lists are like."

The extra money should help with waiting lists in the health service in Northern Ireland.

More than £21 million has been allocated for roads maintenance, and an extra £15 million to education.

Arlene Foster said: “I’m very pleased with the allocations today, not only the £47.6 million to health, but also the money to the department of regional development and also the department of education to deal with special educational needs.

"And I know there are a lot of young people waiting for help at schools, and I hope that help can come now."

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