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Video: First minister Arlene Foster attacks 'political point-scoring'

Prime Minister Theresa May made her first visit to Northern Ireland to meet First and Deputy First Ministers at Stormont Castle on Monday morning.

During her visit to Northern Ireland, Theresa May said: "Nobody wants to return to the borders of the past, what we do want to do is to find a way through this that is going to work and deliver a practical solution for everybody, as part of the work we’re doing to ensure that we make a success of the UK leaving the EU and that we come out of this with a deal in the interest of the whole of the UK. ”

First Minster Arlene Foster said: "We all know that there was an election in May of this year and the Democratic Unionist Party as a result of that, has 38 members and he [Martin McGuinness and Sinn Fein] has 28 members, so I think that jointly we speak for the people of Northern Ireland together."

Arlene Foster added: "We should be looking to achieve what is best for all the people of Northern Ireland and not try to make political point scoring out of what has occurred."

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