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Video: Former Mama's Boys guitarist Pat McManus pays tribute to doctors at RVH who treated brother Tommy

Former Mama's Boys guitarist Pat McManus has paid tribute to medical staff at the Royal Victoria Hospital who treated his late brother Tommy for lymphatic leukaemia.

Tommy - who was the drummer in the 'band of brothers' from Derrylin, Co Fermanagh - sadly died in 1994 after a long battle against the illness.

Speaking during an exclusive video interview for the Belfast Telegraph when his band played the Belfast City Blues Festival, Pat told of how doctors even allowed Tommy to set his drum kit up in the hospital while he was undergoing treatment.

"The Royal Vic played a big, big part in Tommy's life because he spent a lot of time there and got to know all the doctors - and nurses, needless to say," said Pat.

"They were very encouraging to Tommy. They couldn't explain why he was still alive. He was diagnosed when he was aged around six or seven with a number of other kids.

"They had all sadly passed away and Tommy was the only remaining one - and he had had the same treatment.

"Thinking outside the box, they thought it must be something to do with the lifestyle he had and the music. Tommy lived to play music and they thought this was maybe a mind thing, when your mind can maybe over-power the illness.

"So they let him bring his drum kit into the hospital. It was remarkable, it really was genuinely very kind of them.

"I don't think Tommy would have had the length of life he had if it hadn't been for the doctors at the Royal Vic."

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