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Video: Gran Fondo - Pensioner brothers prove age is only a number after finishing Strangford race together

By Gary Grattan

One of the biggest cheers of the day at the Gran Fondo came when the two oldest competitors - who also just happen to be brothers - crossed the finishing line together.

John McKeag - aged a mere 93 - completed the Strangford circuit (approximately 40 miles) - as did his 88-year-old brother Milton.

John said: "The weather didn't make it easy at all because it was quite tough with a lot of hills, and the wind didn't do us any favours."

Milton seemed to 'cope' slightly better - after all he is five years younger.

"It was very breezy at times but I have been on that road lots of times as I live down there - so it's nothing to me!" he said


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