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Video: 'Growing Something Brilliant' aims to inspire Northern Ireland businesses to move in new positive direction

Political stability and the proper functioning of Stormont is vital for the growth of the Northern Ireland economy, a major business event has heard.

Kevin Kingston, president of the NI Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was speaking at the Growing Something Brilliant conference at Titanic Belfast.

"Recently we (The Chamber) were up at the Enterprise, Trade and Investment Committee as part of their inquiry into economic growth and job creation in a reduced corporation tax environment.

"We emphasised to them the crucial importance of political stability and the proper functioning of Stormont, which is such a big issue at the moment," said Mr Kingston.

"We asked them to get on with the process of setting a rate and date for corporation tax and we made a number of proposals to them setting out what we see as the principles for driving the growth of the economy - under skills, under infrastructure, under support for investment and under cutting costs for business exports.

"While the conditions for doing business are improving, more needs to be done to deal with the barriers to growth," added the Chamber president.

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