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Video: Harlem Shake almost becomes Harlem bake as fire stunt goes wrong

A group of teenagers in the United States tried to add a unique twist to their Harlem Shake video, by introducing fire to proceedings, with disastrous results.

The planned fire gets out of control before igniting a petrol can close to the naked flame.

In a panic one of the teens attempts to douse the flames with water - making matters worse. Needless to say - do no try this at home.

Fire safety

Never use water in an attempt to extinguish fires involving burning petrol, fat or any type of oil. The water can cause the burning oil to spread causing more damage and creating a larger fire to tackle.

For oil fires - use a safety blanket to smother the fire or fire extinguisher suitable for oil fires. Call the fire brigade and evacuate the building.

For more information on fire safety at home click here.


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