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Video: Heart-warming moment Irish teen Shauntelle Tynan tells her siblings public raised €700k for 'last-chance' cancer treatment

Over the past three days, Ireland has come together to raise more than €700k for Carlow teenager Shauntelle Tynan after her emotional plea touched the hearts of the nation.

Following her viral campaign, the 18-year-old now has the funds to support specialist treatment in Texas Children’s Hospital in her battle against a rare cancer, multi-system Langheran’s cell histiocytosis.

Shauntelle took to her Youtube channel to thank more than 28k people who donated to the campaign since Monday and filmed the exciting moment she told her younger siblings Stephen (10) and Sophie (6) that she had raised more than €705k to go to Houston.

In the heart-warming video, the siblings are visibly shocked when Shauntelle tells them how much was raised for their campaign.

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