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Video: Heartbreaking scenes at funeral for Connie Leonard

Mourners at the funeral of Concepta 'Connie' Leonard, who was brutally killed by her estranged partner in a murder-suicide, have been told the horrific circumstances of her death can't "destroy the love in her heart and soul".

Connie died after a frenzied attack carried out by her ex- partner Peadar Phair - who not only killed her but also tried to murder her disabled son before taking his own life.

Conor was injured as he tried to save his mother from her 55-year-old killer.

The 30-year-old who has Down's syndrome was hailed a hero for struggling with Phair before he was stabbed by his mother's estranged partner in the stomach.

At Connie's funeral on Friday Father Brendan Gallagher described the "evil lurking in the shadow seeking to destroy life".

He also paid tribute to Conor in his homily preached at St Mary's Church in Brookeborough and said he was at the "heart of everything in her life" and "together they developed friendships and lived experiences that most of us could only dream about".

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