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Video: Heartbreaking scenes at funeral of scrambler victim Valerie Armstrong

There were heartbreaking scenes on Monday at the funeral of Valerie Armstrong, who died after being struck by a scrambler bike as she walked her dog in Belfast's Colin Glenn Park at teatime last Tuesday.

Mourners at the funeral mass were led by her husband Seamus and her three children Dylan (10), Lucy (7) and five-year-old Sophie-Belle, who is due to start primary school in September.

In his homily Fr Pat Sheehan, parish priest of The Church of the Nativity said: "I know her death was not intended, but it happened, and it happened because others made bad choices.

"Young people made choices to ride scramblers irresponsibly in public places....

"These choices are destroying lives; both the lives of people like Valerie and the lives of the young people responsible."

She was originally from Rochfortbridge in Co Westmeath. She died peacefully in the Royal Victoria Hospital surrounded by her family who also gave their blessing to donate her organs.

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