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Video: Hysterical video of ambulance driver getting his dance on

Hilarious video of ambulance driver getting his dance on, but his bosses weren't too pleased about it after it cropped up on Youtube. He goes hip-hop happy when dance mix of Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ comes on radio. His seat-dancing antics are viewed by tens of thousands, including the diva herself. Video of an unidentified ambulance driver going crazy when Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” comes on the radio while he’s driving is quickly spreading online. The ambulance driver can’t contain his excitement, so he cranks up the volume and has a solo dance party in his rig. Luckily, he wasn’t transporting any patients at the time. The paramedic doesn’t appear to know or care that he’s being recorded by the on-board dashcam because he is too busy “voguing” to his song Credit: TeamMediaTV


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