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Video: Inspirational Maud Kells, angel of the Congo, returned 'home' to the people who need her most

A Northern Ireland missionary shot by bandits in the Democratic Republic of Congo received a heroine's welcome upon returning to the country.

Hundreds of people gathered at a small grass airstrip to greet Maud Kells as she stepped off the plane.

The 76-year-old Cookstown woman was seriously injured after being struck by a bullet during a raid on her jungle home in early January 2015.

She returned to Mulita, where she previously worked, for the first time to the sounds of a brass band and cheering.

Maud enjoyed the celebrations and then headed back to the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) plane she arrived in to help unload baby clothes and other supplies she packed up in Northern Ireland.

The team at MAF said it was an honour to fly courageous Maud back to the village.

Clip Courtesy of  MAF UK. For more videos click here

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