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Video: Irish animal charity releases footage of woman violently kicking a helpless dog

The ISPCA have released footage of a dog being repeatedly kicked in an attempt to “highlight the aftermath of the cruelty they deal with, all too frequently”.

The video shows a woman repeatedly kicking and stamping on a dachshund dog in a garden.

The dog, who had recently undergone surgery on her leg, is already wearing a protective collar when the violent incident occurs.

ISPCA inspector Lisa O’Donovan responded to an urgent call in relation to a dog being repeatedly kicked last April. Upon arrival she discovered two dachshunds, since named Cagney and Lacey.

Both animals were removed to ISPCA care for veterinary assessment. While Lacey (the dog shown in the video) required further surgery for her new injuries, both dogs have since been rehomed.

The woman in question appeared in front of Bandon District Court in the wake of the incident and was fined €300 for causing unnecessary suffering to the dog at her property.

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