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Video: Irish bride and her bridesmaids drive themselves to wedding in matching Massey Ferguson tractors

Forget your limos and vintage cars, this Monoghan woman drove herself to her wedding in a bright, shiny Massey Ferguson.

Every woman dreams of their wedding day from when they are a little girl. It is something that we fantasize about, the dashing prince charming, the one of a kind dress and the horse and carriage.

However, Aisling McCarey from Co Monoghan had very different plans for herself on her wedding day, and dreamt of arriving to the church in something a little more, red. A bright red Massey Ferguson to be exact.

Aisling McCarey and Mark Graham tied the not on January 4 after nine years together. They met in somewhat unusual circumstances when Mark was driving down the M50 in his tractor and Aisling got his number from a mutual friend in order to get a lift. So, it seems tractors have always been a part of this love story.

Clip courtesy of Manuel Lavery

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