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Video: Irish Coast Guard to the rescue after Santa's sleigh mishap

A Coast Guard unit from Howth was dispatched and travelled immediately to the beach in search of the mystery caller.

Upon arrival members of the public informed the unit that they had seen a man with a white beard and red suit wandering the sand dunes looking confused.

A Coast Guard search team was deployed by foot and quickly located Santa Claus sitting in sand dunes with bags of presents.

Santa explained to the Coast Guard unit that one of his reindeers, Dancer, had got the hiccups on the way down from the north pole and before he knew it all the Reindeers had the hiccups.

This was causing stability issues for Santa’s sleigh and as they approach a sharp turn at the Baily Lighthouse Santa fell out of his seat, thankfully he was able to hold on until he reached Dollymount Beach where he let go and fell into the soft sand dunes.

With bags of presents covered in sand and no reindeers around Santa told members of the Coast Guard that he was "in a right pickle," and was worried about delivering presents to Temple Street Children's Hospital.

All was not lost for Santa as the Coast Guard from Howth offered to assist him with the final leg of his journey and brought him into meet the boys and girls in Temple Street Hospital.

Credit: Howth Coast Guard/Facebook

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