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Video: Jurassic mania - Dinosaur expert Tom Holland gives us the low down on these prehistoric beasts

Jurassic World, the hotly anticipated sequel to the 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park, hits theatres on Friday (June 12th ) and to celebrate the premiere, new research looks at how dino-obsessed we are as a nation.

According to the survey a whopping 3.5m ‘dinofanatics’ are roaming the land right now while one in four children are dinosaur-mad. And it's no surprise we're fanatical about dinosaurs - 76% of the UK adult population have seen at least one Jurassic Park movie, while just under half of us are likely to head along for the next instalment.

British Dinosaur expert Tom Holland has been counting down to the movie for years and while he was waiting he spent time in Alberta, Canada, which is home to the highest concentration of dinosaur fossils anywhere in the world. Alberta is such a Jurassic hotspot that a new species of dinosaur who has been nicknamed Hellboy, was recently discovered there.

Credit: Travel Alberta

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