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Video: Lawyer and supporter of victims of Glenanne Gang speak out on today’s legal ruling

A legal challenge into the alleged failure to properly investigate a loyalist unit suspected of carrying out more than 100 murders is to proceed to a full hearing. Leave to seek a judicial review of how police probed the activities of the so-called Glenanne gang during the 1970s was granted at the High Court in Belfast on Monday. The brother of one schoolboy victim has issued proceedings against the PSNI Chief Constable, claiming a collective failure in conducting thematic inquiries through the Historial Enquiries Team (HET). Patrick Barnard, 13, was one of four people who died in a bomb at the Hillcrest Bar in Dungannon, Co Tyrone in March 1976. The murder gang based at a farm in Glenanne, Armagh allegedly contained members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary and Ulster Defence Regiment. The case is being supported by victims lobby group, the Pat Finucane Centre. Anne Cadwallader, a case worker with the centre who has written a book on the Glenanne Gang, said the bereaved families had only received "silence and obfuscation" from the state. "They lost their relatives in the most traumatic of circumstances and, over the succeeding three decades, have been lied to by both the RUC and the British political establishment," she claimed. Credit: Belfast Telegraph


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