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Video: Leo Varadkar's "bridge building" visit to Northern Ireland

Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, outlines his alternatives to a hard Brexit, including an EU/UK customs union as part of a "bridge building" visit to Northern Ireland.

Speaking at Queen's University he said,  "At a time when Brexit threatens to drive a wedge between north and south we need to build more bridges and fewer borders.

"While the UK is leaving the EU, the Government I lead is committed to remaining at the heart of Europe; preserving the hard-won peace on this island and protecting and growing our economy in the face of Brexit.

"It is important that all parts of the body politic across these islands face up to the challenges presented and are clear about what they want to - and can realistically - achieve."

He added: "These are the practical solutions I am proposing.

"These solutions will not be offered, they will have to be asked for.  And this can happen only after sufficient progress is made on an agreement on the financial settlement, protecting citizens’ rights and key issues relating to Ireland such as the Common Travel Area."


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