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Video: Lisburn mum meets Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard after reaction to him leaving went viral

A Lisburn woman’s dreams come true, after meeting football legend Steven Gerrard.

Hayley Masterson’s reaction to Steven Gerard leaving Liverpool went viral last year, and since then things just keep getting better for the Liverpool fan.

Hayley was ‘shocked’ and ‘over whelmed’ to receive an email from the producers of BT Sport and the BBC, inviting her on to the Clare Balding show, as a member of the audience.

On the new series of the Clare Balding show, special guests include Steven Gerrard and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

Hayley ‘still can’t believe’ she has been in the same room as Steven Gerrard and that he has watched her viral video, of her reaction to him leaving Liverpool F.C. she said: “‘I don’t know if Steven recognised me from the video or not but he kept looking over, so I waved, and he winked at me.”

Although Hayley got to meet her favourite footballer in the flesh, she was unable to get a photo of Steven and her together, she said: “I will still get my photo, I am determined.”

You can watch the new series of the Clare Balding show on Thursday 18 December on BT Sport at 8pm and BBC2 on Friday 19 December.

You can view a clip from the upcoming Clare Balding show here https://twitter.com/btsport/status/676756280698994688 and keep up to date on twitter with @clarebalding

* Video clip courtesy of Lauren Masterson. Full video at http://youtu.be/UO_a3SA_70c

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