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Video: Little Grace Jordan's remarkable recovery from life-threatening illness

As a joyful Grace Jordan skips and plays in the summer sunshine on the family farm in Co Down, it is impossible to believe that less than a year ago the three-year-old was fighting for her life.

In what has been described as a remarkable story of great faith and a modern-day miracle, she not only conquered death after contacting a rare strain of meningitis but when doctors wanted to amputate her leg and fingers in a drastic move to save her life, Grace's parents confidently refused permission as they held to a promise that the Lord would heal her completely.

Giving thanks for their little girl's full recovery and the fantastic work of the medical team in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Grace's parents Rachel (30) and Kingsley (29) are throwing open the gates of the family farm in Waringstown this weekend to welcome people for a huge fundraising auction, tractor run and family fun day.

Grace took ill very suddenly on August 15 last year and within hours her life hung in the balance.

She spent seven days fighting for her life in hospital, and during that time her story went global via social media as friends of the family urged others to pray for her.


It is these prayers which her parents believe saved her life, along with the good work of the medical teams who they both are now fundraising for to show their gratitude.

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