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Video: Manchester IRA survivor Neil Tattersall at Stormont to mark European Day of Remembrance

A Manchester man, who as a teenager was the most severely injured victim in an IRA bomb attack on his home city 25 years ago, was in Belfast on Monday to attend an event at Stormont to mark European Day for Victims of Terrorism.

Neil Tattersall (46) sustained severe shrapnel injuries to his spine in the bombing in December, 1992.

Sixty-four other people were injured in the attack.

"We've been kept quiet for too long. They are trying to re-write history but we are here to make sure they don't," he said.

Neil, who was a speaker at the same event last year, added: "Through things like this it gives you strength. It's like another family.

"You meet people who have gone through the same thing as you, if not worse than you."

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