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Video: Martin McGuinness tears up as he makes emotional speech to Derry crowd

Following Martin McGuinness's announcement of his retirement from politics, people in Derry turned out at his home to pay tribute to him and he addressed them in a hugely emotional speech.

Speaking to a rally in the Bogside area Mr McGuinness teared up.

He said: "The question I had to ask myself: was I physically able or capable of fighting an intensive five, six week election in the current state that I’m in?

"And the answer to that was no, so the only fair thing to do, which I have done today, is to make it clear that I won’t unfortunately, even though it breaks my heart, have an opportunity to again ask the people of Foyle to support me in what will be a critical election, to strengthen the Sinn Fein mandate.

He added: "My heart lies in the Bogside and with the people of Derry."

Courtesy of Charlie Mcmenamin

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