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Video: McDonald's customer throws drink over woman for 'fat-shaming' man

A video showing a McDonald's customer getting a soft drink thrown over her head after bullying a man queuing has gone viral.

The video shows two girls loudly abusing an overweight man in front of the other customers.

They tell him he is costing the NHS money by being there and say "You shouldn't even be in here mate. Why don't you just leave now and do yourself a favour?"

A customer intervenes and tries to get the girls to stop, before another man steps in and pours his drink over one of their heads.

He gets a enthusiastic round of applause from the other customers.

The video, which is from last year but went viral online this week, is actually a social experiment by the prank channel Trollstation to see if anyone would step in to help the man.

The abusive girls, the man with the drink and 'victim' were all in on the experiment.

In fairness to the customers and staff, though, they did intervene and try to help before the prank was revealed.

Video courtesy of Trollstation

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