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Video: Meet Butterball - the biggest puppy seen by Ballymena's Dogs Trust in nearly 50 years

This is Butterball - the biggest puppy to arrive at Dogs Trust Ballymena since the rescue centre opened in 1970.

The giant pup is just 11 weeks old, but towers over his siblings.

Staff at the rescue centre were dumbfounded when the crossbreed arrived over Christmas.

He has now grown to weigh a whopping 7kg, which is 3kg more than a similar aged dog, and double the size of his brother and sisters.

Butterball was brought to the rescue centre after he and the rest of his litter were found abandoned in a field.

Experts at Dogs Trust believe Butterball and siblings Rosebud and Mudbud are Rottweiler-cross border collies, but they cannot account for the former's unusual size.

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