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Video: Meet Sasha - The Northern Ireland cat thought to be the oldest in the world

A cat that was badly treated and abandoned when she was young could be on her way into the record books - as the oldest feline in world at the age of 31.

Sasha, who is the equivalent of more than 160 human years, may not have had the best start in life, but for the past 25 years she has had plenty of love, care and attention bestowed upon her.

Owner Beth O'Neill from Newtownabbey discovered Sasha in a very forlorn state at stables near her home in 1991 and took her to the local vet to have her checked out.

Battered and bruised, Sasha was estimated to be five years old when she came to live with Beth, and came to rule the roost.

Beth has contacted the Guinness Book of Records because it is believed Sasha could be the oldest cat in the world.

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