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Video: Meet the real DEA Agents of 'Narcos' who were on the trail of Pablo Escobar

Former Drug Enforcement Agents, who helped take down the ‘Cocaine King’ Pablo Escobar, thrilled Belfast on Thursday night with a special show at the Mandela Hall.

Capturing Pablo’, during an evening with Javier Pena and Steve Murphy they shared their personal stories on what it was like to work on one of the most high-profile manhunts in history.

Former DEA Agent, Javier Pena said: “The whole thing is obviously flattering, but I have to say; the real heroes are the Columbian National Police.”

Steve Murphy, Former DEA Agent added: “ This is our first time in Belfast, everyone in Ireland has been so nice to us. We hope to come back.”

The takedown of the extravagant drug lord, Pablo Escobar, inspired the hit Netflix series Narcos which followed the story of the Medellin drug cartels and Escobar’s fight to remain as the most powerful cocaine distributor.

Pablo Escobar was once responsible for 80% of the cocaine disputation in America, and had an estimated annual turnover of $21 billion.

The Colombian National Police and a host of DEA Agents shot Pablo Escobar on December 2, 1993.

Javier Pena was awarded Colombia’s highest honor for his efforts and Steve Murphy received Special Agent of The Year.

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