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Video: Military Reaction Force - Police to probe if top secret Army unit conducted 1972 shooting and killing spree in Northern Ireland

PSNI detectives investigating the Military Reaction Force, a top secret, Army-run unit operating in Belfast in the early ‘70s have appealed to the public for information.

They want to know about the activities of the MRF in 1972 in relation to two fatal shootings and a number of other attacks.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Montgomery, from Legacy Investigation Branch, said: “We have been carrying out enquiries in relation to a number of shooting incidents between April and September 1972, during which two people were killed and a number of others were injured. We are looking at these incidents as part of an overall investigation into the activities of the Military Reaction Force at the time.

The incidents under investigation are:

The fatal shooting of 44-year-old Patrick McVeigh and shootings of four other men, aged 18, 25, 26 and 41, in the Riverdale Park area of west Belfast on May 12, 1972

The fatal shooting of 18-year-old Daniel Rooney and shooting of an 18-year-old man in the St James Crescent area of west Belfast on September 26, 1972

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