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Video: Mysterious sighting whips motorists into a 'UFO' frenzy in Cornwall

Our fascination with alien life is never ending and locals in one area in the UK were swept into a frenzy this week when a "UFO" was spotted above the city of Truro, Cornwall.

The shimmering smoke like object has been spotted in a number of places over Cornwall, including Truro city centre, Fistral beach in Newquay, Carluddon clay tip, over the A30 motorway near a land mark named Roche Rock and by a surfer above the sea off the Cornish coast.

The strange apparition has caused quite a stir on social media, with many people filming the object and others claiming that it may be a sign of alien life.

Photographer Shayne House spotted the weird object, over the A30 motorway, which he then posted on his twitter on Monday.

Harry Wild, who works in food marketing, also upload footage of the unexplained object, this time over Fistral beach and asked on Twitter is anyone else had seen it.

Courtesy of Shayne House and Harry Wild

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