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Video: Naomi Long officially elected new Alliance Party leader

Naomi Long has been officially elected as the new leader of the Alliance Party.

The East Belfast MLA and former East Belfast MP takes over the top post after 10 years as deputy leader.

She takes over from David Ford who announced two weeks ago that he was stepped down as leader after 15 years.

Speaking at a meeting of party activists at the Park Avenue hotel in East Belfast, Ms Long said: "We have an important job to do in the party over the weeks and months ahead, as we develop the plans for party growth and development over the next few years and through the next electoral cycle.

"More importanly we have an important job to do in this society, offering a clear and ambitious alternative vision for the future: an inspirational vision of a society which is progressive, liberal, fair and open, in which rights are respected, talent is celebrated, creativity is nurtured and each person is valued."

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