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Video: New art exhibition explores the life and times of a docker at Harland and Wolff shipyard

A solo art exhibition at Titanic Belfast will be of special interest to anyone with family connections to Harland and Wolff Shipyard. Entitled 'Queen's Island, the ships and the people', it features around 50 paintings done by local artist Eddie Millar and runs in the Andrews Gallery until May 10.

Eddie explained that all of the work featured has been done in the last three years.

"Most of my family have worked in the Shipyard at some stage. My father worked there for 36 years and my brother for a similar length of time.

"I only worked there for five years so I'm nowhere near the same pedigree - but it was long enough to give me a flavour of the atmosphere," he said.

Stephen Whalley, who has an art studio in Holywood and is running Eddie's exhibition, said he had been hugely impressed when he had called round at the artist's home to see his work at first hand.

"It also turned out that he had gone to my father's gym when he was heavily involved in bodybuilding when he was younger - so all of a sudden we had this connection.

"We got talking about his and his family's memories of the Shipyard so I sent him off with a project - and this wonderful exhibition is the result of that," he said.

Words by Gary Grattan

Credit: Belfast Telegraph

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