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Video: Northern Ireland cancer charity calls on women to be breast aware with seven step check hanger

Friends of The Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital encourage women to be breast aware and releases the seven step shower check hanger.

The seven step check hanger is a waterproof hanger that you can hang in the shower, with seven step by step guides on how to check your breasts and remind you to do this once a month.

Samantha Sloan, Oncology nurse who developed the seven step hanger with Friends of The Cancer Centre, said: “When I was working with breast cancer patients one of the recurring issues that I came across was that many women weren’t checking their breasts on a regular basis. For many it was down to not having the time, forgetting to do it and even a fear of checking their breasts in case they found something. I wanted to work with Friends of the Cancer Centre to create an easy step-by-step guide that women could incorporate into their daily routine to encourage and remind them to check their breasts regularly.”

Ms. Sloan added: “I also want the hangers to start a conversation among men and women locally with each of us encouraging each other – our mums, daughters, sisters and best friends - to get their own breast check hanger and to get into the habit of checking their breasts regularly. It just takes five minutes, but those five minutes could save your life.”

Jacqueline Higgon, from Belfast, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, said: “Maybe if I had something like that, I would have been more aware, done it more often. I think the fact that it is hanging in the shower and you know you are getting in and looking at it, it will make you think twice.”

Ms. Higgon added: “If even one person checks themselves, this will be worth it.”

Jacqueline bravely shared her story with The Belfast Telegraph in the hope that her interview and experience will encourage women to check their breasts on a regular basis. Jacqueline is currently having chemotherapy and will also have radiotherapy.

The seven step shower check hanger is available at www.friendsofthecancercentre.com or call into Friends of The Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital.

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