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Video: Northern Ireland cancer charity Pretty 'n' Pink celebrates its 10th anniversary

Northern Ireland breast cancer charity Pretty 'n' Pink had good reason to celebrate its 10th anniversary at the weekend.

For it was revealed at a special birthday bash ball at the Ramada Plaza that fund-raising has well exceeded one million pounds.

The charity was set up by Belfast woman Noleen Adair 10 years ago, just a few year years after she received her first breast cancer diagnosis when she was just 22 years old.

Tragically, Noleen succumbed to her illness two years ago - but not before she had steered the charity well on course towards reaching it's million-pound milestone.

Pretty 'n' Pink uses the funds it generates to alleviate the everyday lives of cancer patients and their careers in practical ways, such as helping cover utility bills, purchasing specialised post-surgery underwear, organising social events, and countless others.

Their next target is to raise £200,000 in the next year through a range of fund-raising initiatives.

For more information go to www.prettynpink.org

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