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Video: Northern Ireland toddler Lucy Boucher gets world first adult kidney transplant using 3D printing

Chris Boucher discusses the amazing medical work that went into saving his daughter, Lucy's life.

Lucy had suffered from kidney damage her dad was able to donate his own kidney to save her. 

Using a 3D modelling print out, Chris was able to see the size of his own kidney, "it's about 11cm long and 6cm wide, it's quite sizeable."

Before Lucy was eligible for a transplant she needed to be 6.5kg and the dialysis machine keeping her alive had a limit of supporting bodies at a maximum of 4kg. 

Thanks to Dr Malcolm Coulthard, he managed to devise a way of adapting a haemodialysis machine by testing it on himself to sustain Lucy until she was able to take the donation from her father.

"The pleasure is just seeing her running around," Chris said, "right now she's eating a mini pizza and before she would have only nibbled the tip of one slice!"

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