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Video: Olympian Iwan Thomas talks ‘Summer of Sport’ and how to recreate the action in your own garden

The school holidays are finally upon us, leaving many parents at a loss on how to keep their kids occupied during the long break.

But with millions across the nation sure to have been inspired by the action-packed fixtures so far, and with much more to come, Iwan Thomas is here with his Argos Fast Track Guide to creating your very own Garden Games.

Olympic athlete Iwan Thomas knows a thing or two about keeping active and with Rio 2016 just around the corner, he’s here to share his Fast Track Guide to creating your own Garden Games.

Fast Track to Garden Games

1) To add extra fun and variety to your outdoor endeavors, look for a Sports Bundle pack. These include a mixture of different games such as cricket, archery and skittles and are a great way of introducing your little ones to lots of different sports in on go. As well as making sure boredom doesn’t set in too quickly!

2) For those with a more competitive edge, try setting up your very own back garden assault course. The whole family can get involved in gathering items, setting up the course and competing against each other. Medals optional.

3) An inexpensive stopwatch is a great way to add excitement to games. Why not create a league table to be used throughout the summer holidays?

4) If you don’t want anything too permanent … opt for products like a blow up goal post. These can be easily blown up when it’s sunny and won’t ruin the lawn.

5) No need to interrupt playtime and spark unnecessary tantrums with an unwanted / emergency trip to the shops. Services like Argos Fast Track mean you can get whatever you need delivered to your door in just 4 hours, 7 days a week.

6) Need a break from sports? Why not try an outdoor board game - whether it’s giant Snakes & Ladders or jumbo sized Jenga, there are plenty of ways to put an outdoors spin on classic family games.

7) Organize some play dates and invite friends over. That way while they spend time with their friends you might get a window of opportunity to get some work done and perhaps even catch up with other grown-ups. Plus the invite is likely to be returned…

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