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Video: One Direction's Harry Styles hit in groin with flying shoe in Glasgow

One Direction's Harry Styles has been hit in groin with a shoe at Glasgow's SECC after performing “Last First Kiss”.

Video footage from the SECC gig in Glasgow shows the five bandmates answering questions from Twitter after performing “Last First Kiss”.

The first missile thrown misses them and Styles holds it aloft for the audience before saying: “It’s a shoe.”

Another show then hits him directly in the crotch causing Styles to double over and then lie on the floor.

As he struggles to regain his composure to answer another question bandmate Liam Payne says apologetically: “Well, he has just been assaulted.”

It is not the first time Styles has come a cropper at a gig.

At the Sydney-based Hordern Pavilion in April last he was hit in the groin by what appears to be a shoe thrown from the audience.


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