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Video: Organ donation campaign Opt for Life launched at Stormont

An organ donation campaign has been launched today at Stormont to encourage families throughout NI to sit down with their loved ones on the 11th of December and discuss their wishes on organ donation.

Research by the Public Heath Agency shows that 84% of people in Northern Ireland support organ donation, however upon their death bed, 40% of families do not consent to the donation of their loved ones organs.

Shane Finnegan, Co-Chair of Opt for Life said, " The campaign focuses on a key element in the organ donation process, family consent...We want to bring about a cultural change where people sit down together and have the conversation about this important issue and the run up to Christmas is a traditional time for families to come together."

Details of #Dec11tellyourlovedones 'Organ Donation Discussion Day' can be found at www.organdonationni.info

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