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Video: Panto Dame May McFettridge still packing them in at Belfast's Grand Opera House

Now in his 26th year in the role, John Linehan's popularity as Belfast's traditional Panto Dame shows no sign of abating.

He's currently starring in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Grand Opera House - which has already sold more than 70,000 tickets.

John - better known as alter-ego May McFettridge - plays 'May the Cook' in this year's production.

"It's going great. Nobody's died of food poising yet," he joked. "I've done all the meals and everyone's still fit and healthy!"

Asked about his record-breaking stint as Panto Dame (he's the longest-serving one in the UK), he said: "I know, dear God - have the Ulster people not suffered enough?"

But, being serious for once, he added: "It's great to see the 'house full' sign in Great Victoria Street. It's a great thing to do and a super place to play."

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