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Video: Phil Vickery's what to do with leftover Christmas turkey

Watch our video where Phil Vickery teaches Gourmet Mum’s Filipa Kay and you at home the tricks of his trade with this simple yet delicious British turkey recipe It’s the age old question in the run up to Christmas: “What on earth can I do with leftover turkey?” If you’re bored of endless turkey sandwiches, then this recipe is the perfect antidote… With its colour, spice and cultural origins what can be more exciting than a turkey jalfrezi? The key to cooking with leftover meat is making sure you keep it nice and moist, which Phil Vickery and Gourmet Mum’s Filipa Kay know all too well. Watch our video where Phil and Filipa Kay, (who has been blogging for over three years sharing easy recipes for busy mums on her blog, gourmetmum.tv) teach the simple art of creating a jalfrezi masterpiece. This recipe can be made in no time at all and is tasty to boot which is key in the party season. Credit: Youtube/ BroadcastExchange


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