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Video: Police appeal to victims at peak period for domestic abuse in Northern Ireland

Domestic abuse victims in Northern Ireland have been urged not to suffer in silence during the summer period when violence in the home is at its height.

Properties being boarded up close to the Ravenscroft Avenue bonfire in east Belfast, as huge bonfire will be lit on Tuesday night.

Some 80 incidents a day were reported to police last year during July and August - 4,960 in total and 165 more than the previous year.

The overall figure for 2016/17 also increased, with 29,166 domestic abuse incidents reported.

That was 774 more than the previous year and the highest level since police started recording the data in 2004/05.

The figures come as the PSNI launches a summer domestic abuse campaign. The message is: "If you feel like you're walking on eggshells that's domestic abuse."

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