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Video: Police dismantle South East Asian organised crime group using posh Belfast apartment

Police have dismantled a South East Asian organised crime group which was using an upmarket apartment in Belfast as a hub to distribute drugs across the UK.

The drugs, mainly herbal cannabis, were posted into Northern Ireland from outside the UK and then re-distributed to other parts of NI and Great Britain.

Detectives from Reactive and Organised Crime Branch swooped on an apartment in Belfast city centre in October 2014 and seized £560,000 worth of herbal cannabis, smaller quantities of other drugs, cash and equipment used in cannabis cultivation.

A number of cash and drugs seizures were made subsequently in other parts of Northern Ireland including Carrick and Portadown. Cars were seized and restraining orders imposed on bank accounts.

Police conducted a total of 12 searches, made seven arrests and interviewed 13 people during the investigation which was codenamed Operation Karhold.

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