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Video: Police release CCTV of the moment a mugger drags an elderly woman along road in vicious handbag robbery

Police release CCTV in an effort to trace a man who robbed a 69-year-old woman of her handbag after dragging her along a pavement in Hounslow

Officers were called shortly after 20.50 on Sunday, 25 October to River Gardens, Feltham by a member of the public following the robbery. The victim had just crossed the road with her husband and was walking past the petrol station on River Gardens when a man barged between them.

The man can be seen grabbing hold of her handbag - described as a green fabric bag with sparkly butterflies on the outside.

As the woman tried to keep hold of her bag, the man pulled her to the ground and dragged her along the pavement.

He eventually managed to wrestle the bag from her shoulder and then ran off along River Gardens away from Staines Road

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