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Video: Police release harrowing car crash footage to stop drivers texting behind the wheel

Police have released footage of a fatal car crash in a warning to drivers texting behind the wheel.

The harrowing video shows the moment a lorry driver ploughed into a line of stationary vehicles as he checked his mobile phone.

Tomasz Kroker was jailed for 10 years for causing the deaths of Tracy Houghton, 45; sons Ethan, 13, and Joshua, 11; and her partner’s daughter Aimee Goldsmith, also 11.

Dash-cam footage showed Kroker scrolling through music at the wheel before causing an eight-vehicle pile up.

In the video, Aimee's mum, Kate Goldsmith, said it "sickens" her to see drivers continuing to use their phones.

She said: "If they had seen the devastation they brought my family, or to other families, by using phones, illegally... distracting themselves from driving a potential weapon...

"Would they be as sickened as we are?"

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