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Video: Poll asks soap fans to judge which soap families and characters have the most and least stylish homes

Whether you are a fan of the cobbles, the square or the Dales, the homes featured in our favourite soap operas are as familiar to us as our own. From Ken and Deidre’s living room, to the Home Farm kitchen, these houses and rooms seem to leave just as big an impression on us as some of the characters. According to the research a third of us think soap operas represent British life, with Coronation Street voted as the soap that’s most accurate in its depiction, despite a few rooms potentially being in line for a bit of a makeover. Just like real life then. British television and soap opera expert Dorothy Hobson has been working with new homewares brand Heart of House to curate and investigate soap living over the last few decades to determine just how much our favourite soap operas reflect our tastes in real life. Credit: www.heartofhouse.co.uk


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