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Video: Protesters ordered to leave Woodburn Forest test drilling site

By Gary Grattan

Protestors fighting against a company's plan to drill for oil near Carrickfergus were this afternoon awaiting a legal move to evict them from the site.

The company, Infrastrata, have issued proceedings to have the demonstrators removed from Woodburn Forest where they have been based for the last few weeks.

The protestors - The Stop The Drill Campaign - have also instructed their own barrister to fight their case.

Fiona Joyce from the Stop the Drill Campaign said: "Today we were served with papers notifying us that Infrastrata were planning to evict us from this area.

"We are currently reviewing our own legal position."

James Orr, from Friends of the Earth, said: "The problem Infrastrata has is that they can't issue legal proceedings without dealing with some very uncomfortable truths.

"One of them is that this is a water catchment area but another is that there are public rights of way that criss-cross this site."


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