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Video: PSNI only force in Belfast says police chief after 'horrific' and 'brutal' attack on couple

Police in Northern Ireland have insisted that the PSNI is the only police force in West Belfast after a man and his wife were shot in their own home in a punishment-style attack.

Chief Inspector Norman Haslett said three masked and armed men took "law and order into their own hands" and shot the couple in the legs at an address in Norglen Parade in the Turf Lodge area of the city at 6.15pm on Thursday.

He described the couple's ordeal as "horrific" and said those responsible have "no moral compass whatsoever".

"People have taken law and order into their own hands and assumed the role of judge and jury and have passed the sentence. There is one police service in West Belfast and that is the Police Service of Northern Ireland," he said.

Mr Haslett said a number of lines of inquiry were being followed, but it is understood that one is that the man and woman, in their 50s, were shot while protecting their son.

"Thankfully the injuries are not life-threatening but the ordeal and trauma they went through must have been quite horrific," he said.

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