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Video: #SaveHank - We ask the Belfast public

Our roving reporter took to the streets of Belfast today to find out the thoughts on Hank the dog.

A petition to save the dog, seized by Belfast City Council because it looks like a pit bull, has passed 100,000 signatures in just five days.

People around the world have joined the campaign to help save Hank. The dog was removed from his east Belfast home last week by a team of police officers and council officials.

Most people on the streets of Belfast thought that Hank should be saved, Andy Henshaw from Belfast said: "Save Hank. I think we should free Hank.”

Andy added, "Any dog that just looks like another dangerous breed, it shouldn't be put down, it should be given a choice, it's daft and it's stupid."

Abigail Woolerton from Newtownards said: "It is not right- I love animals."

Hank was seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act and was thought to be a pit bull terrier, this breed is banned in Northern Ireland. However, the dog is believed to be a Staffie-Labrador cross.

Can you help Hank get back to his owners? You can sign the online petition here.

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