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Video: Schoolgirl Athena Bryson's latest addition to her animal farm brings the XFactor...a micro pig called Honey P

The schoolgirl who touched many a heart after saving a turkey from slaughter at Christmas has an adorable new addition to her animal farm - a micro pig.

Little Athena Bryson, who celebrates her eighth birthday next month, only wanted one gift to mark the occasion.

Standing at 13 inches tall and named Honey P, the micro pig has settled well into his new surroundings.

Athena has been a vegetarian since the age of five because she loves animals so much she does not want to eat them.

She also cares for two geese, lambs, goats, hens, cats, guinea pigs, horses, rabbits, cows and two miniature Yorkshire terriers called Toto and Tootsy.

The family, from Poyntzpass in Co Armagh, live close to their dairy farm, where Athena enjoys tending to the animals.

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