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Video: SDLP's Patsy McGlone hits out at police response to ‘insensitive’ Billy Wright Cappagh banner

Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone has hit out at the PSNI after their response to the ‘insensitive’ poster that has been erected in memory of Loyalist Billy Wright.

The poster states: “I would look back and say Cappagh was probably our best.”

The quote is in reference to the 1991 Cappagh killings of four men, including three IRA members, at a Boyle's Bar in the Co Tyrone village.

Wright was thought to have planned and led the attack.

MLA Patsy McGlenone said: “It was the worst of our society, the worst sectarianism type events that happened….I feel it is very insensitive and hurtful to the family and friends of the men who were killed.”

Loyalists in Dungannon erected the poster over two weeks ago, a spokeperson for the local community in Eastvale, said: “We have just put the poster back up this afternoon after taking it down to clean it, we don’t mean to offend anyone and this goes up every year for about one month.”

PSNI inspector Keith Jamieson said: "There is no doubt that this sign will be perceived by some to be offensive, but not by others and while we are sensitive to the feelings of victims’ families, the PSNI must attempt to achieve a balance between the rights of one community over another, and of course must act within the law.

“We are working with the community in an attempt to resolve this matter and we will continue to do so.”

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