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Video: Search for Mike the lost parakeet from Craigantlet, Co Down

Mike the wolf-whistling, high-flying, parakeet has taken to the skies over Craigantlet, Newtownards, and his owner fears he won’t return.

The bilingual parakeet can say ‘hello’ in seven different languages, wolf-whistle and used to meet and greet his owners at their home on a daily basis.

The unique little green bird was last spotted at home on December 7 and spotted on the Tullynagardy Road, Newtownards on December 8, but there has been no sign of Mike since.

Bronach Galbraith, Mike’s owner, said: “Mike has been caught three times by different people, who thought he was lost and returned him. He started to stay out all night but would always return in the morning, and that was fine.

“As much as I would hate him to be in a cage, I think if someone has caught him and doesn’t know how to return him to me, that is his best chance of survival at the moment, because he is so sociable he would be pecking at people’s doors and windows.”

Mike’s owner, Bronach added: “If he was alive I think he has flown outside of his range, he could fly about a mile either side of the house. I would really love him back for New Year.”

If you have any information about Mike you can get in touch with Bronach on 07759830165.

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